Promote Safety for Your Business with Commercial Locksmith Services in Minneapolis, MN

Need to improve the security of your business? As a provider of commercial locksmith services, our goal is to protect your premises by implementing cost-effective solutions while helping you manage your facility.

The security of your business is our passion. For more than 40 years, A-Dave’s Lock and Safe has been providing top quality service to Minnesota businesses. We have been awarded as an official Medeco Security Center, an accolade granted by the number one manufacturer of high security locks. Our professional locksmith technicians can perform the most complex installations to ensure optimum security for your business.

Master Key Systems

A-Dave’s Lock and Safe master key experts design key systems to match your facilities’ existing hardware, customized to meet your security needs. No job is too big: we maintain master key systems for universities, medical centers, and even skyscrapers. Master key systems can be easily integrated with electronic hardware.

Locks Changed & Rekeyed

If you need your business’s locks changed or rekeyed for security purposes, A-Dave’s Lock and Safe’s skilled technicians can open locks, rekey cylinders, and repair locks. They can also provide technical information for operation of mechanical and electronic security hardware.

Keys Duplicated

A-Dave’s Lock and Safe stocks and duplicates all types of keys, including residential, commercial, cabinet, padlock, high security, auto, truck, tractor, motorcycle, boat, bit, flat steel, safe deposit, and skeleton types, plus other obscure or unusual key blanks.

Keys by Code

The manufacturers of products with locks understand how important it is that their customers can actually get into their locked products. Therefore, they create lists of locks that they use and the way that they are keyed. These lists are then often provided to locksmiths, who then can create a key based on the lock cylinder number. Using this code, we can create a key to unlock your items. Our key code cutting machines use the latest computer technology and are calibrated to assure accurate cuts.

High Security Locks

A-Dave’s Lock and Safe is an authorized distributor of the following high security, patent-protected key systems: Medeco, Medeco3, M3 BiLevel, KeyMark, KeyMark X4, Classic Logic, and M3 Logic.

Electronic Locks

Electrified hardware permits control and monitor door openings. They allow you to lock and unlock a door from a remote location. A-Dave’s Lock and Safe can help design an access control system that meets your needs, from mechanical digital locks to web-based electronic security systems integrated with CCTV monitoring.

Electronic locking technology is constantly expanding. Our systems use biometrics, magnetic swipe cards, proximity cards, and personal identification numbers (PINS) to provide audit trails and access control for any type of door or building.


Our technicians install wood doors, steel doors and frames, and aluminum doors. We provide adjustment and installation of metal and wood doors and jambs, closer arms, pivots, and overhead doors. We also install accessories such as vents, vision kits, vents, thresholds, mail slots, astragals, door sweeps, hinges, peep holes, door strike plates and, naturally, all styles of locks.

Door Closers

We install and repair both surface-mounted and concealed door closers. We can also provide both automatic and ADA-approved handicapped door closers.

Exit Devices

Our technicians are experienced with the installation, service, and repair of emergency exit devices, from mechanical devices to electronic touch sense bars.

A-Dave’s Lock and Safe is available to assist clients with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Life Safety Codes compliance. A-Dave’s Lock and Safe estimators and hardware sales representatives are familiar with building and fire codes and recommend the right products for your application.

CCTV and Access Control

A-Dave’s Lock and Safe represents the leading providers of today’s security technologies and services, including electronic and biometric access-control systems and electromechanical and mechanical locks. Whether you need a simple electric lock or a complete CCTV access control system, our technicians address your business’s needs and provide the best solution.

Emergency Service

If an emergency arises, A-Dave’s Lock and Safe will address your concerns as soon as possible.

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